Low cost bike and motorbike rental in Barcelona

Rent a Scooter for 19,95€ during 24h.
✅ Rent a 125cc scooter only for 19,95€ during 24h. ✅ You can visit the city if you are interested in sightseeing or replace yours while it is under repair. ✅ All our motocycles are new and completely checked.
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Rent a Bike for 6,95€ during 24h
✅ Rent our bikes at the best price in Barcelona and visit the town with. ✅ Our bicycles are made with the best quality products, reinformes and equipped with anti-puncture tyres.
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Request a quote of the different tours
✅Customized bike and scooter tours. ✅Visit and discover the city with our expert tourists guides. ✅We offer several tours around the sights and personalized tours for our clients.
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 ✅The cheapest rental of bikes and motorcycles in Barcelona.

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