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What you need to know about the International Driving License

If you are reading this article is because you are coming on holidays to Spain!

If you want to have a safe and headache-free vacations while in Spain here we explain you something really important about your next trip. And it is extremely important if you want like to drive and you are thinking in renting a scooter.

Driving out of Spain (if you are spanish):

First thing you have to consider is the destination country you are going to visit, if it is inside the European Union or not. If you are going to an european country there's no need to worry: inside the european economic space (EEE) there's an international agreement that allows any citizen from the territory to drive with his/her national license, making a unification and simplicity of movement for the citizens and transportation services. 

Driving out of the EU (if you are spanish):

Here's when things get complex, so out of the European Union there are many possibilities. Europe has a few international agreements that allow you to drive with your national driving license.

Those countries are: Argelia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Nicaragua, Perú, Dominican republic, panamá, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Philippines, Guatemala, Serbia, Turkey, Uckraine and Macedonia.

Driving in a country that is not on this list above means that you need your International Driving License together with the driving license from your home country. The International Driving license must be issued in the same country where you got your driving license, so for a spanish driver that means you have to go to a DGT office and ask for an appointment: that is usually a 2 week wait, so do it with time.imagen de carnet de conducir internacional

More info for spanish drivers click here

Book an appointment for obtaining your IDL if you are spanish click here

What if I am a foreigner and I want to drive in Spain?

  • You are a European citizen:

If you are coming from inside the European Union or a country from the European Economic Space (EEE) you can drive in Spain with just your home country driving license.

Important: if you have the AM license or a B license (cars) that is less than 3 years old, you can't drive a 125cc scooter, just 50cc mopeds. Movendoo rents 125cc scooters.

  • You are not European but your home country have driving licenses equivalences with Spain:

If you come from a country with whom the EU has agreements you can drive in Spain with just your home country license, so you only need your home country driving license to be allowed to drive here. Those countries are:

Argelia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Nicaragua, Perú, Dominican Republic, Panamá, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Phillipines, Guatemala, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine, Macedonia.

  • You are not european and your country don't have equivalences on driving licenses with Spain:

In this case, if your country is not in the prior list, you will need the International Driving License. That license is a translation in 8 different languages of your home country license, and have to be issued in your home country prior to departure. Note that if you don't have the IDL with you and the police stops you, you will get a huge fine. As well if you don't have your IDL and you have an accident the insurance company will not cover the damages you make and you will be in charge of the whole cost, that can be tenths of thousands of euros. We will not deliver you one of our scooters if you need the IDL and you haven't issued it before arriving to Spain.

This information was found in the Dirección General de Tráfico website, the maximum responsible in Spain of the traffic and spanish road rules.  -> - - - Before arrival into Spain make sure to check what kind of agreement has your home country with us, so you will know what kind of license you need to drive legally here.