Scooter Rental in Barcelona

Why hiring a scooter in Barcelona?

Hiring a scooter in Barcelona is one of the best experiences every tourist should live, because knowing Barcelona on a motorbike gives you a freedom feeling you can't compare with any other way of transport. Barcelona is full of scooters and motorbikes, so other cars and vehicles are used to drive among them making it a very safe city where to ride a motorbike. What is more, Barcelona has been mentioned as the 8th best city in the world to live in by RESONANCE consulting. That makes us very proud of our city, not only as citizens but also for companies like ours because it reflects that the service we provide to the visitors is among the best in the world.

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When's the best time to hire?

The weather in Barcelona makes it comfortable moving around by motorbike from March till December. Rains just happen during a few days during fall and winter. Barcelona as well is a relatively small city that can be crossed by motorbike in less than 20 minutes, so due to its size its makes really easy to orientate yourself in it. Don't think it no more: the mediterranean warm weather of Barcelona turns a scooter rental in a great summer experience.

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What kind of motorbike hiring in Barcelona?

Among the different kinds of motorbikes you can hire in Barcelona the most used one is the "scooter". Petrol consumption of these motorbikes is low, it is easy to drive, it can transport a passenger, it has many cases and compartiments for leaving personal objects and it is really comfortable. For moving quickly and specially for enjoying a safe and quick acceleration that doesn't disturb the traffic the 125cc engine scooters are the best choice. If we wanted to go far away from the city and get inside the highway a 125cc scooter it is too small and should find bigger engine motorbikes. The motorbikes we have in Movendoo are the Kymco Agility City 125cc white colour. They are exactly like the ones you see on the pictures below:

Scooter de alquiler barcelona

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Who can drive a Motorbike?

In Spain you can drive a 125cc scooter in two ways:

  1. With the B driving license (cars) if it is at least 3 years old.
  2. With the A1 driving license (motorbikes up to 125cc) or higher.

We ask as well for a year of experience driving motorbikes. If you are a foreigner and you want to drive in Spain you must make sure that your national driving license allows you to drive legally in our country. You may need the International Driving License depending on which country you come from (and this license must be issued in your home country before arrival into Spain). It doesn't matter if you have made a reservation with us: if your documents don't allow you to drive in Spain we won't give you the motorbike.

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Why should I rent a scooter in Barcelona?

If you are an active and curious person, that likes to know new places, move at your own rythm and don't lose your time on the bus or the metro, the best thing you can do is renting a scooter in Barcelona. Barcelona is a relatively small city, but public transport doesn't give you as much freedom and fun as renting a motorbike when visiting the city and the surroundings.

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How do I rent a scooter?

In Barcelona there are many companies renting motorbikes. We are the most economic one but we recommend you to make an online comparison so you can see it by yourself. Every company asks for a few requirements, but at the end we always ask three basic things:

  1. A valid license to drive in Spain
  2. To be respectful and careful when driving in Barcelona
  3. A deposit

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Where do you rent a scooter in Barcelona?

The ideal thing is to rent your scooter next to your hotel, but we recommend you to compare the price among different companies. It may be worth paying for public transport of even a taxi if you have to cross the city for getting a way cheaper rental. There are many companies offering scooter rental services in Barcelona, so just check it out and you will prove by yourself that we are the most economic company you will find.

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Which company is the most economic for scooter rentals in Barcelona?

We drove crazy in two occasions: the first one was when we tried to find a company with a cheaper price than ours, the second time was when we set the price as the lowest in Barcelona. In Movendoo we offer you a scooter for 24 hours for just 19,95€.

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What's included in Movendoo's scooter rental price?

The price includes:

  • New and perfectly checked vehicle
  • A lock
  • Taxes and fees up to date
  • Mandatory insurance for moving inside and outside Barcelona

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How can I pay my scooter rental?

You can pay your rental in three ways:

  1. Through our website making sure you will have a bike available
  2. By credit/debit card in our office
  3. By cash in our office

It doesn't matter if you have already paid for the rental through our website, you have to respect the traffic law: we will NOT give the scooter to you if your documents don't allow you to drive in Spain, even though if you have already paid the rental. BEFORE confirming the payment make sure you can drive legally in Spain. For more info about it check the following link about how to drive in Spain being a foreigner. Remember as well that you must bring a credit/debit card for making the 260€ deposit.

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Do you ask for a deposit when renting a scooter?

We ask for a 260€ deposit with a credit/debit card, that will be given back to you using the same payment method once the vehicle is back in our shop and if it hasn't suffered any damage.

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What coverages has the insurance of the vehicle?

All our bikes have a third-party insurance, so any damage you make on the motorbike will be your responsability.

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Do I have to fill up the petrol tank before returning?

We give you the motorbike with a full tank, so we ask you to give it back to us in the same conditions. Don't worry, there's a gas station just 30 meters away from our office, so it will be very easy for you to get petrol. If you don't fill up the tank before returing the scooter we will charge you 15€ as refilling service plus the cost of the missing petrol.

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What kind of petrol do Movendoo's scooters use?

Our motorbikes use Super 95 Unleaded Gasoline (green hose).

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How many kilometers can I ride?

We don't set a daily limit on how many kilometers you can ride our motorbikes. Just pay attention to the spanish traffic rules, don't drive on pedestrian zones, be respectful and follow the indications of police and force orders when they require to do so.

foto panorámica Moto de alquiler 125cc con Barcelona de fondo.

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Do you have helmets?

Yes, sure! We can rent you a helmet for 3€/day and second helment for 2€/day. You can hire it directly in our office when you pick up the scooter. We have from S to XXL sizes, so your ride will be 100% safe and comfortable. casco para moto de alquiler en barcelona

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What kind of license do I need for a scooter rental in Barcelona?

For using our bikes you only need the required license(s) by the spanish law. There are two options for riding a 125cc motorbike in Spain:

  • A1, A2 o A license, (motorbikes) issued in Spain, in the EU or in one of the countries with whom Spain has agreements.
    • Our bikes are 125cc, so a moped or AM license is NOT valid.
  • B license (cars) older than 3 years, issued in Spain, in the EU or in one of the countries with whom Spain has agreements.

If your country doesn't have agreements on driving licenses with Spain, you will need the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE*


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Do you have any special deals?

If you rent a scooter for more than 5 days we may be able to make you a special price. We are already the cheapest scooter rental company in Barcelona, but we will make an effort and try to give you an even better price. Just contact us and we will study your case.

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